It’s been a tumultuous and uncertain two years. To say the least.


Personally, I’ve moved from the city I loved to three different states in search of our next home. I’ve been pushed to pursue more training in areas that will help me and my family thrive. And, I’ve gone within. To seek guidance and solace and clarity. 


When you open a floodgate of information it can drown you if you don’t pause, go within, and check with your own intuition as to the veracity of what you’re hearing. I’ve been challenged over this last year when I check in with myself. There have been many things that don’t make sense to my intellect or my intuition.


When this happens, I believe it’s in our best interest to further scrutinize that information. Compare and contrast it with differing and opposing opinions. Seek information that can make sense of the patterns and bigger picture to try and find the truth hiding somewhere in between.


That can be hard when many voices are being censored for having a dissenting opinion. In these cases, I think it’s important to ask ourselves, why?


  • Why are certain opinions and facts allowed into the mainstream narrative and some are not?
  • Why are some experts listened to while other experts of equal caliber are being silenced?
  • Why do some research, policies, and areas of study get the privilege of funding, publishing, and airtime while others do not?


You may be thinking it’s because the “other,” whatever it is, doesn’t merit coverage but does that mean it deserves censorship? Who gets to choose who is censoring who? It would seem the powers-that-be get to choose. Who gives power to the powers-that-be? It seems they give it to themselves by being in power.


Sounds like an abuse of power, to me. 


I may not agree with everything I read or hear. If I did, I’m either in a confirmation bias spiral or don’t have much conviction in my opinions. Not only do I want to hear and learn new things that challenge my current understanding, I want others to as well.


Every voice deserves to be heard.


In the United States, we’re supposed to have freedom of speech. We also have free will and the power to choose to listen to someone or not. Do we really want others making that choice for us?


I teach people how to find and free their voice, and become powerful public speakers if that’s the road they choose. Should I only help people I know are going to use their voice in a way I support? Should I screen people who want to take my course and make sure they only speak on subjects I agree with?


I’m asking a lot of questions and I don’t mean them to be rhetorical. I hope you go within to ask yourself these things and listen to what your inner voice has to say.


And if you’re ready to reclaim your roar and become a confident and impactful public speaker or presenter, I encourage you to learn more about the Hear Me Roar experience.

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