“I had no idea the opportunity I was blessed with this morning when I went to a training with Corissa. She is fun, beyond expert, organized, and knows how to help people learn.” 

♥ G. Stephens



Do you want to inspire and empower people?


I help soul-searching and purpose-driven leaders and their teams be more influential and impactful through transformational training.


If you want to achieve more and do more, we work to get to the heart of who you are so you can be more.


We light you up so you can light up the world by clearing blocks, aligning passion and purpose, freeing your voice, and empowering you with information and inspiration.


Training topics:

  • Public speaking and presenting
  • Marketing and communication
  • Self-motivation and leadership
  • Wellbeing and balance


I’ve spoken to and trained hundreds of thousands of people through live and recorded appearances for large companies like Google, small women’s organizations, and everything in between.


I’d love to help you or your team shine and reflect the best of you to the world. Let me know how I can help.

Are you looking for a dynamic speaker for your program or next event? Find out more here.

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