“I’ve know Corissa for almost two decades and she has continued to be a truly reliable and trustworthy friend and colleague. I trust her inherently. As a human, she is kind, intelligent, and fun. In business, she is adept, rugged, yet graceful; she gets things done with high level precision. And probably most importantly, she’s rad too!”

♥ Adrian Grenier // Actor, Investor, Entrepreneur

“Working with Corissa is an absolute joy. She is so efficient and pulls everything together with a smile. Nothing is too big for her to solve and she does it all in a joyful manner. We truly can’t say enough great things about her and the work she did with us.”

♥ Judi and Frazer Bailey // Executive Producer and Director, Play Pictures

“Corissa is a brilliant speaker and teacher. She is engaging, speaks clearly, makes sure you understand her points, and drives home key information. I worked for more than a decade as a television news producer and believe she would be an incredible on air talent. You will learn in her classes. She can speak effectively with impact to large audiences. I cannot recommend her enough.”

♥ Brendan Temujin Knapp // Blogger & News Producer

“Corissa is charismatic, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I appreciate her ability to connect with an audience and deliver practical, useful information. She has a positive spirit and is always receptive to what everyone needs to feel successful.”

♥ Alyssa Dver // CEO, American Confidence Institute

“There are a few people larger-than-life that I’ve met over the years. Corissa is one of them. She’s a bundle of positive, infectious energy, passion, and enthusiasm. I would welcome the opportunity of working with her again.”

♥ Steve Johnson // President and COO, Berkshire Grey

“Corissa is a dynamic, personable speaker who easily connects with her audience. She has an easy going style that helps her audience quickly grasp the main points of her presentation.”

♥ Rich Brooks // President, Flyte New Media

“Corissa is an eloquent communicator, thoughtful and strategic marketer. She captures the big picture and knows how to bring it to a level that she and her team can execute. She brings life and expertise to any conversation. I love working alongside Corissa!”

♥ Alex Hollywood // SMB Business Advisor, Los Angeles Regional SBDC Network

“There are times people come into your life and touch you in a way you had not expected. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Corissa and was inspired to be and do more in my work.”

♥ Dennis Hicks // Founder, Exclusive Chefs

“Corissa is an amazing speaker and panelist. She received the highest rankings from our attendees. The eMarketing Association is proud to have such a knowledgeable and dynamic presenter at our events.”

♥ Robert Fleming // Founder, eMarketing Association

“Corissa is a dynamic speaker, communicator, and visionary. Her deep industry knowledge and ability to listen to and connect with her audience is inspiring.”

♥ Shannon Kinney // Master Coach and SMB Marketing Expert

“Corissa and I co-presented at a business forum. She is the utmost professional, upbeat, and really knows how to handle herself in front of a crowd. I would gladly present or collaborate with her any day.”

♥ Gregory Hanson // VP of Presales and Customer Adoption, SmartBear Software

“I have attended two of Corissa’s seminars and have been very impressed with her dynamic, upbeat personality and speaking style. She has a great way of engaging the audience and keeping them on their toes. She is also really knowledgeable and inspired me to be a better business owner. If you have the opportunity to hear Corissa speak, I would strongly urge you to attend and get ready to be inspired!”

♥ Angela Noelle // Master Prosperity Coach & Acupuncturist, Angela Noelle International

“Corissa is AWESOME! She’s a true pro. She has presented to many of our audiences and always gets great reviews. Not only that, she’s great to work with. If your audience needs to know the latest in marketing then get Corissa signed up to speak with them. She’ll make you look very smart.”

♥ Bill Kenney // Founder, MEET

“Corissa’s speaking and presentation style is not only engaging, it is inviting! She easily connects with the audience with her presence, delivery style, and ability to take a technical topic and have it make sense for all. You will walk away from the time spent with Corissa feeling energized, smarter, and looking for her next program. Corissa is the real deal.”

♥ Betsy Day // Principal & Executive Coach, Special Projects Consulting

“Corissa made an immediate impression on me as a deep subject matter expert. She showed a true understanding of the motivations and perceptions of her audience. Her easy going, friendly style combined with great expertise and a wisdom beyond her years made for an inspiring evening. I have been to many high level business conferences and this was definitely one of the more rewarding and memorable experiences for me.”

♥ Jake Blum // CEO, Wheelock Consulting Group

“Corissa is a spectacular speaker and kept myself and the audience engaged from beginning to end. It’s easy to get distracted at an event but Corissa did a superb job keeping our eyes peeled on her only. I hope to hear her speak at future events!”

♥ Alyssa Buckley Couture // Manager, Client Performance Management, Dealer.com

“Corissa was one of THE BEST presenters I’ve been fortunate to see. She immediately engaged the audience, set expectations, and proceeded to deliver valuable and memorable content. There was not a single moment I felt I was being sold, but I left wanting to find a reason to become a customer.”

♥ Anton Kaufer // Director of Advertising, Hagadone Media

“I had no idea the opportunity I was blessed with this morning when I went to a training with Corissa. She is fun, beyond expert, organized, and knows how to help people learn.”

♥ Gayle Stephens // Founder, GayleForce Healing Massage and Bodywork