It wasn’t that long ago, in the history of human beingness, that kids left the house at six weeks old to be raised by other people. For a long, long, LONG time, our children stayed with us as we hunted and gathered, nomaded our way across new lands, farmed the plots we finally settled on, and when a family member went off to work in the cities.


They stayed because it was the natural thing to do. To raise your own child in the traditions, ideology, and values of your family and community. To give them the guidance, protection, nurturance, and discipline they need to become healthy, capable adults.


Today, I see too many kids who don’t know how to hold a simple conversation with an adult. Who would rather talk through their phones to their friends than with the ones right in front of them. Kids who have been blindly led down a dangerous path of dependence on institutions, technology, and corporations to tell them how to think, feel, act, and be.


This doesn’t happen by accident but it does happen surreptitiously if you’re not paying attention.


I was indoctrinated just like most of you. I went through public schooling all the way through university. But, in my late teens I started questioning the status quo and what I wanted for myself. Although I started college as an eager pre-med student, I ended as an enlightened human being with more questions than answers.


I credit this shift to travel, psychedelics, and a healing journey that started in New Zealand, not to any of my college classes or parental advice.


When I became a parent, I had already gone through a lot of my own rebirthing. It was painful and arduous and continues today. Just like the growth of your child, your own growth doesn’t end. It evolves. Even if you’re unaware of it.


The act of becoming aware and consciously reprogramming yourself is where the magic happens. Facing darkness and demons. Healing the hurt and wounded parts. Listening to and loving yourself. Being curious and expansive in your knowing while nurturing and embracing your feelings. Becoming the person you were meant to be.


I believe all parenting courses should be about becoming more connected with ourselves before we start raising someone else.


Which brings me back to parenting.


Once you take on that responsibility, I urge you not to give it away so easily. Society-at-large will support you in that decision but is it the right one for you and your child?


I don’t think it is. 


You may have already gone down that road. It’s ok. There’s still time to #takebackyourkids.


If your kids are being indoctrinated in public school… take them back.

If your kids are being forced to do anything you don’t agree with… take them back.

If pharmaceutical companies are telling you what’s best for your kids… take them back.

If tv and social media are programming your kids into mindless consumerism… take them back.


It’s time to take back our power as parents and as sovereign human beings and learn how to do those things better so we don’t fall victim to anyone else telling us they know what’s best for our kids.


It’s time to take back your kids and raise them into adults who will do the same for their kids. Protect, guide, love, and prepare them for a world that will, at every turn, try and take away their power.


I’d love to band together with those of you already living this way so we can support the ones courageously stepping out on this journey for the first time.


What can you share?

What do you need?

You don’t have to be alone in parenting. It truly does take a village. Let’s make one.


If you feel inspired, use the hashtag #takebackyourkids whenever you post a thought, article, or content on this subject. 

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