Speaking & facilitating

What’s the one thing you want for your audience?


If it’s for them to feel inspired so they take action, keep reading. There’s a lot of ways to do that and my way is by helping them connect to their light within.


I help audiences see themselves and their way forward. I give them the encouragement to take the next step in their work or personal life. To tap into their inner wisdom. To light up their life so they can light up the world.


I’ve reached hundreds of thousands of people, around the globe, through in-person and online:


  • presentations & keynotes

  • panel speaking & moderation

  • training & facilitating

  • hosting & emceeing


I inspire people to think differently, feel deeply, and take actions that lead to greater joy, prosperity, and fulfillment. I share guidance through an intuitive alchemy of many different practices, combined with practical advice, and delivered with enthusiasm and love.  


I help people find higher purpose, follow passion, and be more conscious and attuned to their energy and power within. To help them tap into their soul, attain their goals, and have fun along the way.


I go deep but I also keep it light. I’m dead serious about transformation but have fun with the everyday experience of being human. I make people laugh and feel and contemplate what lies ahead for them.




  • Living and leading from the seat of your soul

  • Embodying your purpose, mission and values

  • Reclaiming your roar and using your voice for good

  • Connecting to divine wisdom and inner guidance

  • Visualizing your way into your dream life




  • Motivational meditation

  • Energy charging lightwork

  • Dreambuilding visualization

  • Storyhealing writing sessions


Contact me if you’re looking for an event speaker, workshop facilitator, or an energetic and spiritual emcee who can guide your event transitions as you headline or host.


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