“Corissa is authentic and vibrant – it’s clear she loves serving her audience! She always provides educational and engaging content, is professional, polished, and full of personality. I would highly recommend Corissa for your professional event.”

♥ Julie Fry, Chief Mom Officer, Business Among Moms



Are you looking to enliven your event or program?


I love to present and, more importantly, love lighting people up.


As a professional speaker it’s my job (and my joy) to ignite, empower, and persuade audiences to think, feel, or act differently.


I tap into my work + life experiences to deliver keynote addresses, presentations, and talks filled with infectious energy and inspiring content driven by a desire to help people learn and grow. 


So what’s in it for you?


I’ve presented to over 60,000 people and been immersed in educational marketing over the last almost 20 years. Reaching and teaching people is what I do.



  • Reclaim Your Roar: How to free the power of your voice
  • Follow Your Why: How to put your purpose + passion into action
  • Self-Love for the Self-Made: How to achieve greater joy + success 
  • Marketing Magic: How to craft a brand to attract exactly who + what you want 
  • Power of Personal Branding: How to build your personal presence + enhance your life



  • Small business entrepreneurship
  • Branding + customer experience
  • Digital + engagement marketing
  • Experiential + event marketing
  • Public speaking + training
  • Personal growth + development
  • Wellness + holistic self-care
  • Life design + conscious living
  • Parenting + work life balance


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