“Corissa is authentic and vibrant – it’s clear she loves serving her audience! She always provides educational and engaging content, is professional, polished, and full of personality. I would highly recommend Corissa for your professional event.”

♥ Julie Fry, Chief Mom Officer, Business Among Moms



Are you looking to enliven your event or program?


I love to present and, more importantly, love lighting people up.


As a professional speaker for small business, female entrepreneurs & professionals, and the women’s empowerment movement it’s my job (and my joy) to ignite, empower, and persuade audiences to think, feel, or act differently.


I tap into my work + life experiences to deliver keynote addresses, presentations, and talks filled with infectious energy and inspiring content driven by a desire to help people learn and grow. 


So what’s in it for you?


I’ve presented to over 60,000 people and been immersed in edu-marketing, i.e. educational based marketing, over the last 18 years. Reaching and teaching people is what I do.


Let’s talk! 



  • Reclaim Your Roar: How to free + use the power of your voice
  • Search Your Soul to Find Your Why: How digging deep leads to purpose + passion 
  • Self-Love for the Self-Made: How loving yourself leads to greater joy + success in your business and life
  • Marketing Magic: How to craft a brand to attract exactly who + what you want 



  • Small business entrepreneurship + branding
  • Public speaking + training
  • Digital + engagement marketing
  • Educational + event marketing
  • Personal growth + development
  • Wellness + holistic self-care
  • Life design + conscious living
  • Parenting + work life balance


Check out what some of my past attendees and participants have to say and watch me in action!

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