“Corissa was one of THE BEST presenters I’ve been fortunate to see.” 

♥ Anton Kaufer // Director of Advertising, Hagadone Media


Are you looking to elevate your program or next event?

It’s my job and my joy to light up audiences and inspire them to take action. Through a broad range of topics, I share decades of expertise, experience, and stories with enthusiasm and love.


I help audiences see themselves and their way forward and give them the encouragement to take the next step in their work or personal life. To tap into their inner wisdom. To light up their life so they can light up the world.


As an international speaker, I’ve presented to and trained hundreds of thousands of people through live and recorded appearances for Google, SBA, Constant Contact, United Way, eWomenNetwork, and hundreds of other corporations, universities, not-for-profit organizations, and events.

Do you want to speak with confidence, enthusiasm, and impact?

I would love to guide you on a journey to the center of your voice and teach you how to use it powerfully in your business, relationships, and life.


Speaking in public, whether from a stage, on camera, or at a meeting requires getting out of your head and into your heart. This is the big secret and anyone can do it. I’ll show you how and provide tons of practical knowledge for any situation where you’re in the speaker’s spotlight.


If you or your team are ready to find your unique expression and how to speak powerfully to your public, let’s talk. You can find out more here and check out some of my presentations and interviews below.


Get ready to roar ✨

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