“There are a few people larger-than-life that I’ve met over the years. Corissa is one of them. She’s a bundle of positive, infectious energy, passion, and enthusiasm. I would welcome the opportunity of working with her again.” 

♥ Steve Johnson, President and COO, Berkshire Grey



Are you ready to shine?


Whether you need to reach your audience, a project deadline, or deeper within yourself, I help transform your current state into one ready for the spotlight.


From big picture dreaming to making it happen, I guide company or production operations, marketing (or both!) so you can focus on your project, create your masterpiece, deliver your products and services, and lead your team.


As your short or long-term strategist / advisor / producer / cheerleader

I offer services and guidance in any of these areas:


  • Brand strategy + messaging
  • Marketing strategy + execution
  • Business development + operations
  • Production + project management
  • Public speaking + presenting 
  • Leadership + communication


I oversee the growth of your brand or project. I fill in the gaps on your leadership team. I help you steer the ship. I handle the details so you can get out there and be amazing.


Let’s reach your audience, accomplish your mission, and light up the world.

Looking for a dynamic speaker for your program or next event? Find out more here.

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