Corissa Saint Laurent | Meet the Host of The Everyday Mystic


Hello Beautiful Souls! I’m Corissa Saint Laurent, the host of The Everyday Mystic. I’m so excited to share this podcast and mystical adventure with you. 

In this welcome episode, you’ll hear an interview with me on another podcast called Sex, Drugs, & Soul. I talk about my spiritual awakening and the journey that’s led me within and connected to the divine. 

The intention of The Everyday Mystic is to go deep into the meaning of life and your place in it. On future episodes, you’ll hear from amazing guests who’ve learned how to navigate the spiritual journey and stay grounded in the process. 

We get to the heart of the spiritual path, and talk about the messiness of life that often leads us there. You’ll hear stories, practices, and wisdom to help you explore your mystical side and enhance all the areas of your everyday life. 

Get ready to explore your inner being, the power of the divine, and all the ways you can go deep, stay grounded, and live your best life.

Let’s venture into all that is and all you are meant to be on The Everyday Mystic.

Tune in to the podcast episode here.

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