Katie Joy Duke | The Lessons of Grief & Letting Go Into Joy


Katie Joy Duke is a mom, life coach, and the author of Still Breathing. Katie talks about what led to writing her book, which was the death of her first daughter, and her most recent battles with a stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis. 

You would think someone whose gone through so much grief and suffering as this would want to throw in the towel, but Katie is the epitome of perseverance and of joy.

What I love so much about this interview, is that she’s found so much of that perseverance and joy through spiritual practices that any of you can tap into and do.

Even if you’ve never lost someone or struggled in the same ways, I’m sure you’ve got daily struggles or you just want to have a better daily experience. 

You’re going to learn so much from Katie’s experience. The things she’s doing every day to move through her grief, to embrace joy, and the simple things in life. 

Tune in to the podcast episode here.

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