Hear Me Roar

“I am woman, hear me roar.”

♥ Helen Reddy



Are you ready for a transformative experience of finding and freeing your voice, aligning your purpose, igniting your work, and discovering your magic within?


I’ve distilled the lessons and experiences I’ve learned over the years into a powerful training program.


You’ll begin with 7 online modules filled with information, prompts, mind/body exercises, meditations, strategies and tactics designed to:


  • Unlock your passion and emotions 
  • Discover your purpose and how to apply it
  • Develop poise and power to face your fear
  • Share your personality and connect with others through story
  • Create your plan and practice strategy for presenting in public


This is not typical speaker training. You’ll go deep and connect with your inner light because that’s where it all begins. From there, the work of reclaiming your roar will unfold and the magic begins. 


Once you complete the self-paced online portion of the program, you’ll join me for a personal 1:1 training session to integrate and practice what you’ve learned. The online course, by itself, is also an option.


Whether you hope to deliver a presentation, record a video, lead a meeting, or simply speak up when you have a thought or opinion, Hear Me Roar is here for you.


It all begins with you and your commitment to yourself. 


You may discover that using your voice is more important for you and your soul than anyone else. 


Get ready to roar!

Are you looking for customized training for your team? I offer soft skills training in many different areas. Let’s talk.

Contact me.

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