Are you ready to light up your life so you can light up the world?


To know who you really are and what you’re made of. To love yourself deeply. To trust yourself fully. This is the journey of reuniting with your soul and connecting back to source.


To your true identity. Where all your answers, sense of purpose and meaning, and joy live.


A funny thing happens to some people when they accomplish their wildest dreams. Earning the degrees, landing the titles, making a lot of money, and having more success than they ever thought possible.


Most of them realize their earthly accomplishments don’t create happiness or anything meaningful. Some of them are even more unhappy, depressed and anxious.


Their problems didn’t go away. They still suffer from the same feelings of [fill in whatever negative emotion you can think of that plagues humanity]. They still don’t feel whole.


Sound familiar?


I work with potent groups of people who are ready for self-identification and leadership from the seat of their soul. 


I’m not here to heal you, fix you, or give you something you don’t already have. I’m here to help you back to your own inner teacher, healer, lover, savior, creator and guide where you’ll find all your own answers and solutions, and a deep well of love, peace, happiness, compassion, fun and knowing you can access at any moment … at all moments.


When you come into reunion with your soul and connect to your guidance system, you become supercharged with powers of the divine and the ability to move through your life with creativity, flow and grace. 


Through our work together, you’ll be given the opportunity to release the shackles of your earthly identities, reunite with your soul, be introduced to your guides, and reconnect to source. You’ll be given the keys to your kingdom or queendom but only if you’re ready and willing to put in the work.


You’ll discover capabilities beyond measure to be in the state of being you want, living the life you want, and creating the beauty you wish for in this life.


Get ready to go on a guided journey within to become the wise and creative visionary, coach, student and master of your own life. To know how to find all the answers you seek. To be your own oracle and mystic. To know, love and trust yourself inherently.


What you get in this 11-week deep dive into your soul . . .


  • Meeting live, every other week (once a week for mastery group), within a powerful group container guided by me and filled with your readiness


  • Weekly action assignments, including practices and exercises that work with your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and energetics


  • Honest feedback, support and coaching from me and my guides


  • A workbook and other downloadable resources and tools 


  • Ongoing connection and support for one another


  • Forever access to ongoing participant resources


What we cover, in brief . . .


You’ll learn a specific module of information during our live meetings. In the weeks between, you will apply and integrate the knowledge through projects, practices and exercises. The mastery group will meet during these weeks, as well, for integration support and personalized guidance.


WEEK 1: Exploring your identities, roles, recurring themes, limiting beliefs and blocks


WEEK 3: Clearing your body/mind and preparing your temple to create the state-of-being necessary for your reunion with your soul


WEEK 5: Connecting to your spirit as it takes you on a journey to reclaim and rewrite the stories of your life


WEEK 7: Developing tools, practices and strategies for soul and source connection 


WEEK 9: Tapping into your external guides, supportive energy and soul team


WEEK 11: Learning and living by your soul mission and purpose, and expanding your consciousness


You will get out as much as you put in, so be ready to get honest with yourself, see yourself fully, love yourself deeply, and create strategies that will change your life. 


This dedication to yourself and to others on their journeys, will usher in a life that means something greater than all your external accomplishments combined.


A life with a purpose that feels amazing to you and equally amazing for the world. A life that exudes joy and makes you want to dance 😘


Contact me with your questions and to find out if this program is right for you. If you’ve made it this far, it probably is.

Two Options


11-week guided journey, meeting live every week in a powerful mastery group with personalized guidance


11-week guided journey, meeting live every other week