For You

“Working with Corissa is an absolute joy.” 

♥ Judi and Frazer Bailey // Executive Producer and Director, Play Pictures


How can I help?

My mission in life is to be happy, healthy, prosperous, and helpful to others. To offer my gifts in service to people and projects that bring joy, enlightenment, and empowerment to the world.


I offer strategic advising in PR, communications, branding, and marketing to high vibe companies and creatives. I help you unearth and tell your stories and, in the process, get to know yourself more deeply.


As a professional speaker, I educate, inspire, and motivate audiences to think, feel, and act differently. To grow, transform, and develop themselves professionally and personally through a variety of business, life, and personal growth topics.


All of my work, whether within a company, speaking from stage, or through a training, has the same intention. To help other humans better their circumstances so they can experience a better everything. 


Better relationships. Better work. A better world.


If you want to add fresh ideas, tried-and-true strategies, inner examination, humor, and enthusiasm informed by my 14 years of entrepreneurship, 8 years of director-level corporate experience, inner work, and love of life to your project, team, or life… let’s chat! 


Here’s to working together ✨

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