Light up your life

“How you gonna win, when you ain’t right within.” 

♥ Lauryn Hill



Are you ready to experience greater success in your work by lighting up your life?



I help soul-searching female entrepreneurs and professionals experience greater balance, freedom, and fun in their life by finding more success, joy, and purpose in their work.


Creating a business or professional career, you know, to be a boss, is an incredible journey. It can take a lot of energy, resources, care and time. Not to mention (ok, I’m going to mention it) the energy of giving and caretaking in relationships, parenting, or through volunteering.


What’s left for you?


My courses help you find that answer within. They address business growth through personal growth. Success through self-love. And freedom by freeing the inner you. They urge you toward wholeness, balance, and joy. 


Through holistic self-inquiry, mind/body techniques, and some badass business strategies you will: 


  • Address your shit and what’s holding you back
  • Listen to and trust your inner voice
  • Speak with the power of your heart and mind
  • Fine tune your purpose and mission
  • Develop a brand that speaks your truth
  • Build beautiful, reciprocal relationships
  • Balance all of your interests and responsibilities
  • Enjoy your success and accomplishments
  • Love yourself because without it nothing else works


Are you here for it?


It all starts and ends with you. Your inner state of being. Your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. You… the person behind the business.


Now is the time to take your inner life as seriously as your work. Make it your job to create the best version of yourself and your life. No one else is going to do it for you.


I’ll have you digging deep, discovering your truth, and lighting up our life.


Spoiler alert: you can have your cake and eat it too.

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