“There are a few people larger-than-life that I’ve met over the years. Corissa is one of them. She’s a bundle of positive, infectious energy, passion, and enthusiasm. I would welcome the opportunity of working with her again.” 

♥ Steve Johnson, President and COO, Berkshire Grey



Is your group ready to expand its capabilities?


Growth can sometimes be a little uncomfortable. 


I guide organizations to meaningful growth by clarifying messaging, building powerful partnerships, and reaching the right audiences.


I teach teams how to communicate effectively and cooperate joyfully by strengthening the collective.


I help leaders actualize dynamic group processes to integrate silos and build omnichannel collaboration.  


I act as a practical resource of information, an enthusiastic purveyor of ideas, and an unordained, self-proclaimed 😉 spiritual guide when you need the lift.


Growth may not always be easy. But, creating the beauty you want to see in the world makes it all worthwhile.


Get ready to shine.

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