Blame It on the Rain

Blame It on the Rain

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When you think of abundance do you think, “Why does he/she/they have it and I don’t? What’s wrong with my life?” Maybe you think, “I’ve never had abundance and I never will,” or “I don’t deserve abundance.”


These are limiting beliefs and they are holding you back from:


  • Success, joy, and love
  • Handling stress with ease
  • Happiness and fulfillment
  • Living the life of your dreams
  • Abundance… period


Beliefs you hold onto like, “I’m not smart enough to get that job,” or “relationships end in heartache,” limit your thoughts, feelings, and actions. They stifle your growth and evolution. They lie to you so much you believe them.


You may be thinking, “who the hell planted these ideas in my head?”


Well, you did.


In life, you are either moving toward pleasure or away from pain. Your beliefs about the world guide you in this movement.


Sounds like a solid system, right? But, it isn’t. It’s like any database. If you put bad data in, you get bad data, or a bad interpretation of that data, out.


The bad data, in this case, is a belief you may have needed at some point in your life because it kept you safe and helped you either avoid pain or gain pleasure. It may have helped you then, but it’s limiting you now.


Simply, the limiting beliefs you created gave meaning to your world and helped you develop generalizations that provided more certainty as you made new decisions and took new actions.


Maybe you tried speaking up in the past but were ignored. Maybe you were told by your family or society that your opinions and voice don’t matter. Or you could have been criticized, yelled at, or abused if you spoke up.


These negative consequences can lead to limiting beliefs about your right to speak that become planted in your mind and can rule your existence forever. Alternatively, you can work to change those beliefs (that’s all they are!) into ones that support your growth and the way you want to live and be.


You created the limiting belief (with the help of a circumstance out of your control). You have the power to create an alternative, loving belief (with the help of some practices and guidance).


If you want abundance in your life you need to believe you’re worth it and get rid of any hang-ups you have about being successful, making money, and having everything you want.


Then, you’ll be free to attract and live from a place of abundance.


Here are a few steps to help you get started:


  • Identify your limiting beliefs: write down as many as you can.


  • Create alternative, loving beliefs: write down a loving belief to counter each limiting belief.


  • Give yourself love: tell yourself (on paper for starters and then into a mirror when you’re feeling brave) you love and accept yourself.


  • Find purpose: figure out what you love, what you’re good at, how you want to serve the world, and how you can make money doing it.


  • Receive your gifts: whether it’s good health, a loving relationship, or dolla dolla bills yo, openly accept the gifts of abundance.


Let’s be real, though. You can’t do the above once and think everything’s cool. You have to practice and repeat and dedicate yourself to growth. You have to want to change and believe you have the power to do it. You have to try, sometimes fail, and still keep going.


Your limiting beliefs were ingrained over years and years. They may continue to creep into your mind. They will at times still control your feelings and behaviors. And without question, life will serve up some more disappointments and heartache even when your beliefs and mindset are positive.


Your job is to face life’s challenges and your limiting beliefs when they rear their ugly heads, nurture and love yourself, and not give up.


It’s time to stop blaming life, others, and yourself. It’s time to take control of your beliefs and mindset. It’s time to make it rain and accept the abundance of life.


Are you ready?


Please feel free to share (and unload) your limiting beliefs in the comments below. 


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