Are You In or Out?

Self Love for the Self Made

I’ve been talking a lot about going within. It’s what I help companies do in finding the unique elements to highlight in their brand. It’s what I help individuals do when guiding them to a life of greater meaning, higher purpose, and true joy.

And, it’s what I do.

I do it, not just to walk the talk, but because it’s what’s saved my life and made it the incredible one I get to live every day.

Going within means looking deeper than what shows on the surface. It’s about finding the truth, your truth, healing your wounds, and discovering who you really are beneath any trauma, conditioning, and programming you’ve experienced (p.s. this is all of us).

That discovery is where the journey begins. You, then, get to create and live your dream life or run your dream business instead of well…just dreaming about it.

Going within isn’t the easiest process with all our modern distractions but I promise when you make it a habit, it will serve you well.

If you need some guidance, follow these tips and do them regularly (not just on a special retreat or vacation):

  • Turn off your screens – Dedicate as much time as you humanly can to a device-free life. Get off of social media and Netflix, and get into the real world. Live the good times and bad/boring times with equal interest for what they offer. Use your devices like tools when you need them, instead of as a second appendage you can’t live without.
  • Get into nature – Sit with the trees. Walk barefoot on the ground. Breathe in the flowers. Learn about your instincts and natural rhythms from the natural world. Listen to your inner knowing in the calm of the forest or whatever stretch of nature you can find.
  • Reduce or quit alcohol – The allure of alcohol can start at an early age. I started drinking when I was 13 years old. The power to crush my anxiety and give me a sense of freedom and confidence lived on as a habit into my early 40s. It wasn’t until I realized how much of a crutch it was for me that I found the deepest parts of myself within. If you want to hear more about that story, check out my recent interview on this podcast.
  • Write your life – Whether or not you think you’re a good writer, write. Grab a journal or your laptop and write out stories from your past. Write your feelings. See what feelings come up from the stories of your past. It’s a pretty remarkable process when you let it flow and it can drop you within to where the inner most you may be hiding.

I can’t tell you exactly what you’re going to find when you go within. That’s unique to your journey. But what I do know is you’ll discover a deeper connection to yourself. And from there, the magic begins.

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