“There are a few people larger-than-life that I’ve met over the years. Corissa is one of them. She’s a bundle of positive, infectious energy, passion, and enthusiasm. I would welcome the opportunity of working with her again.” 

♥ Steve Johnson, President and COO, Berkshire Grey


Are you ready to shine?

I help high vibe entrepreneurs and creatives carry out their vision and bring the best out of themselves and their company or project. To reach deeper within and get ready for the spotlight.

Whether you’re the face of the brand or behind-the-scenes, your connection to yourself is integral to your success. Through a combination of internal consciousness-raising, vision-based action planning, and transformational techniques training, we address your brand or project from the inside out.

We start deep within at the heart of your why. We align you with your highest self to conceive and operate a brand or project that beautifully reflects who you are, what you represent, and how you wish to impact the world.

From brand conception through launch (or rebrand and relaunch), I support you so you can focus on creating your masterpiece, delivering your products and services, and achieving your mission. Your brand becomes a glowing reflection of your deepest love. Your company or creative project becomes a beacon of hope for your audience. 

If you’re ready to scale and expand, to grow yourself, your work, and your impact… you’re in the right place. 


Get ready to light up the world.

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