“There are a few people larger-than-life that I’ve met over the years. Corissa is one of them.” 

♥ Steve Johnson // President & COO, Berkshire Grey


Are you ready for your brand or project to shine?

I help high vibe companies and creatives develop and share the potency and authenticity of their business or project with the world. We go deep to find the best stories, most positive attributes, and unique elements of your brand and culture. I listen, curate, and help you shape a narrative that inspires the hearts and minds of your audience.

What does our work together look like?

I provide strategic advising on how to best position yourself for the exposure, reputation, and impact you wish to have through the stories you’re meant to tell.


To tell a great story, we go deep to explore the inner workings of your leaders, teams, and processes. We get to the heart of your mission, into the DNA of your values, and into a greater understanding of your intentions and actions. We envision your business or project through the eyes of the public you’re trying to reach and build a bridge to them.


Why do we look so deeply? Well, that’s usually where we find the unique and genius elements that differentiate your business or project. It’s where the soul of your company or creation lives. Where we connect your why and your how into the backbone of your brand. And shape all the ways you can share that with the world.

What’s the result?

A memorable, relatable and influential brand or project that lights up the world.  


We get there from the inside out. Business strategies and tactics are great, but the inner work (the harder stuff, honestly) is the way it all sticks. It’s how the strategies and tactics get woven into the business and not just laid on top. It’s how each contributor achieves both their own and the project’s success. 


I believe the ultimate goals are inner happiness, wellbeing, peace, and success — for your company, project, people, and you. Achieving that state of being is the cherry on top but it’s also how the sundae is made. Your brand or creative project will impress your public not because we spin a bunch of B.S. but because it’s truly inspirational and beautiful to behold. 


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Get ready to light up the world ✨

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