Hi, I'm Corissa


I help people light up their lives so they can light up the world.



When you light up, you connect to your deepest self. You find passion and purpose and joy. You feel happier and healthier. You grow.


You not only feel better, you are better. And a better you means a better everything.


Better relationships. Better work. A better world.


How can I help?

I guide soul-searching and purpose-driven people to connect deeply to themselves, their voice, and how they impact the world around them.  


I’ve spent the last 15+ years helping businesses grow through marketing, branding, and business development. Before that, I was a wellness practitioner helping people heal and evolve. 


As a lifelong learner, I’m currently expanding my knowledge and skills in permaculture, sociocracy, and anything that piques my curiosity.


I use all my experience and expertise to help you align with your inner being, collaborate better with other beings, and be a positive force in the world.


What do I offer?

My mission is to educate and inspire people to think differently, feel deeply, and take action.


To be more conscious and proactive in their lives. To find purpose, follow passion, and use their gifts to serve others.


To light up their lives so they can light up the world.


Through group consulting, transformational training, and inspiring presentations I help people achieve their mission, connect with others, and fall back in love with themselves.


What’s next? 

Subscribe to my blog for inspo & info. Sign up for my course. Connect with me and let’s chat.


I’m forever reflecting, digging, and unearthing my truths, and most importantly celebrating them. The journey never ends.


Are you ready to join me?



Let’s go!

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