Hi, I'm Corissa


I help you light up your life so you can light up the world.


Who am I?

I’ve been asking myself this question my entire life.


Exploring who I am became my job during my teens as I struggled with my identity as a Korean-looking person being raised by my adoptive, white family and not understanding who I really was.  


I went into wellness and the healing arts to heal myself and started my first business venture, Nabi Urban Retreats, to help others do the same.


In learning how to run a business, I fell in love with entrepreneurship and marketing. I launched a firm called BUZZ PR & Promotions to help other businesses grow and realize their dreams.


I was recruited by Constant Contact to advocate and grow their brand placing me in front of hundreds of thousands of people through live speaking, TV, radio, video and print.


Life has a way of putting exactly what you need right in front of you.


After 8 years at Constant Contact, I was recruited by Google as a trainer and content developer. I also taught marketing at Portland State University CEPE, produced and presented at business events, and launched this brand.


I’m the wife and mom of a small but mighty family of three living our dreams. And I’m here to light you up.


How can I help?

As your strategic advisor, I guide you and your project or company on a journey of growth and evolution… with definitely some fun along the way.


My mission is to educate and inspire you to think differently, feel deeply, and take actions that lead to greater joy, success, and fulfillment.


To find purpose, follow passion, and be more conscious and attuned to yourself and your work. To serve your audience not sell them.


We’ll go as deep as you want in discovering who you are as we develop a powerful project, brand and business that shares your gifts with the world. 


What’s next? 

As a lifelong learner dedicated to my own growth, I continue to deepen my inner connection, knowledge base, and skill set… and live life to the fullest.


I’m forever reflecting, digging, and unearthing my truths, and most importantly celebrating them.


The journey never ends.


Are you ready to light up your life so you can light up the world?



Let’s go!

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