Hi, I'm Corissa


I help people light up their lives so they can light up the world.



When you light up, you connect to your deepest self. You find passion and purpose and joy. You feel happier and healthier.


You not only feel better, you are better. And a better you means a better everything.


Better relationships. Better work. A better world.


How can I help?

I’m a healer-at-heart guiding soul-searching and purpose-driven leaders and their teams to connect more deeply to themselves so they can shine and radiate more goodness into the world.


But I wasn’t always comfortable in the light.


Through some life-altering experiences and my own soul-searching, I found my way back to the wisdom within that guides me in the work I offer you. 


What do I offer?

I’ve spent 15 years helping businesses grow through marketing, branding + business development before going back to my roots in wellness and healing to help the people behind the business grow and be well. 


My mission is to educate and inspire people to think differently, feel deeply, and take action. To be more conscious and proactive in their lives. To find purpose, follow passion, and use their gifts to serve others.


To light up their lives so they can light up the world.


What’s next? 

Subscribe to my blog for inspo & info. Follow my adventures on social media. Connect with me and check out what I have to offer.


I’m forever reflecting, digging, and unearthing my truths, and most importantly celebrating them. The journey never ends.


Join me and let’s light up the world.



Let’s go!

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