who am i?

I’ve been asking myself this question my entire life. I’m a Korean-born, adopted, American, mother, wife, entrepreneur, energy worker, storyteller, teacher, mystic, marketer, connector, curator, manifesting generator, ENFP, nature worshipper, and spiritual explorer.


When my mother was pregnant with me, she awoke from a dream of a giant shooting star falling to earth, and named me Byul Nim, the honorific form of the word ‘star’.


It’s my destiny to shine light in this world.

how did it all begin?

Being given up for adoption at 3 years old and moved to the United States to be raised by a new family who didn’t look, sound, or act anything like what I knew created a deep sense of abandonment and uncertainty about my identity.


I adapted. I had to. And in the process locked all of my needs, hurts, and traumas away where they wouldn’t interfere with the success of my life. Other childhood traumas piled upon the already shaky foundation. 


There were some dark times.


Thankfully, I had been asking some big questions like, “who am I?” and “why am I here?” as I explored different metaphysical, religious, and spiritual philosophies. This curiosity carried my bludgeoned spirit to a study abroad office at the University of California, Irvine and onto an epic adventure, with an unintended spiritual awakening.


On a mountainside in New Zealand, I experienced the Oneness of all that is. The light of the universe enveloping me and emanating from me. I was given the knowledge I was seeking … that I am one with everything and my purpose was to light up my life and help others do the same.

what have i learned?

My mission led to years of healing, self-inquiry, and a deep exploration of the Oneness I experienced in my initial awakening.


My first career in the alternative healing and holistic wellness field was a deep reflection of the work I was doing on myself. It was also when I fell in love with entrepreneurship and started my first business.  


I pivoted from healing and wellness, as a professional path, and started a marketing agency to help other entrepreneurs grow and promote their companies. This led to recruitment by Constant Contact and then Google.


During my contract with Google, I relaunched my brand and have been shaping it into what I offer now … an alchemical blend of my healing journey, spirituality, and serving the soul with 20+ years of cultivating my earthly gifts, and entrepreneurial and corporate business experience.


I continue to deepen my inner connection, explore new ideas, build skills and knowledge … and live life to the fullest. My service to others is to help them do the same. Find their way back to their soul.


To live a life of greater meaning, higher purpose, and true joy.


You’ll also find me working as the VP of Marketing & Business Development for a clean technology rainwater harvesting company, sharing adventures with my husband and son, exploring the world, and communing with nature.


I am forever reflecting, digging, and unearthing my truths, and most importantly celebrating them. The journey never ends. Want to join me?


Let’s go!