Hi, I'm Corissa

“Life can be messy. We’re taught to keep pushing forward even when we don’t know where we’re going. I teach you how to come back around to yourself, to discover what you’re truly made of, to find purpose, joy, and fulfillment so you can walk your path… and light up your life.”   

♥ Corissa Saint Laurent



I’m here to help you light up your life so you can light up the world. 



When you discover your light within everything starts to fall into place. You get in your groove. You’re happier and healthier. You not only feel better, you are better. And a better you means a better everything.


Better relationships. Better work. A better world.


How can I help?

I empower soul-searching female entrepreneurs and professionals to examine their inner life through transformative training and motivational speaking. 


I’ve combined my passion and experience in health + wellness with my knowledge and expertise in marketing + entrepreneurship to bring you programs, talks, and content that guide and empower you through your business and life.


Get ready for a mix of hardcore, inner personal work with marketing and business growth applications, and a lot of self-love. It all begins with you.


Who am I?

I launched my first company in 2001, offering therapeutic healing and wellness consulting to busy Los Angeles professionals, celebrities, and corporations. After moving to New Hampshire, I pivoted and started a marketing agency focused on event and engagement marketing. I was eventually tapped by a partner company with a dream job I couldn’t refuse. After an 8-year run with them, I’m back to my entrepreneurial roots.  


I’ve presented, trained, and educated people through keynotes, seminars, webinars, panels, radio, video, and tv appearances for companies and organizations such as Google, Scripps Networks (HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel), Constant Contact, and United Way, and for tens of thousands of passionate small business entrepreneurs and professionals like you. I fell in love with presenting and training because I love helping people.


In 2011, my life took on new meaning when I became a mom. It strengthened my dedication to finding balance where I can, fun in all things (especially work), and freedom from any limiting beliefs holding me back from living my best life… for myself, my family, and everyone around me.


Self-love mastery is at the core of who I am and my work. I believe when you’ve got it, no one can stop you. You become your dreams and your dreams become your reality. That’s what I’ll help you do.   


What’s next?

Check out my blog and online courses for going deep, discovering your magic within, and living your best life.


Connect with me on social media for more tips on living a lit life and to follow my adventures.


Together we’ll find your way of lighting up the world.


p.s. I’m forever reflecting, digging, and unearthing my truths, and most importantly celebrating them. The journey never ends. I’m so happy you’ve joined me.



Let’s go!

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